Analysis of the organizational maturity of SGPI

The city of Montréal is one of the largest building owners in Québec. It maintains and preserve approximately 1,500 buildings and almost 60 million square metres of land, in addition to managing more than 300 rental properties.

To ensure integrated and optimal management of the housing stock, the real estate management and planning service (Service de la gestion et de la planification immobilière SGPI) must, among other things, provide relevant recommendations to the Deputy General Director of Institutional Services (Directeur general adjoint des services institutionnels) and the municipal administration.

In 2016, the SGPI hired GPBL Projectwise for support in its conceptualization of organizational project management.

About the SGPI

The SGPI manages the planning or real estate initiatives to build a city that meets the expectations of Montrealers and related budgets.


Real Estate Services



Mandate to conceptualize organizational project management

The department of the City of Montréal, Service de la gestion et de la planification immobilière (SGPI) has mandated GPBL Projectwise to carry out a diagnosis in organizational project management and to propose recommendations for improvement in project management.

The mandate was also to support the SGPI in setting up a strategic project office and to support the SGPI in the development of a program project management methodology and project portfolio.

Conceptualization process of organizational project management

To complete the diagnosis in organizational project management, GPBL Projectwise conducted interviews with 12 key people. We then presented a report with 35 recommendations and an action plan to facilitate their implementation within the organization.

Three work committees have also been established:

  • A committee to set up a strategic project office;
  • A strategic committee to guide project portfolio management methodology and develop a governance framework;
  • A project committee that worked in the workshop to define the project management methodology.

Result: integrated and optimal project management

The intervention of GPBL Projectwise was used to assess how to manage real estate projects in the SGPI through:

  • An analysis of existing documentation;
  • An assessment of existing processes, procedures, tools and templates in project management;
  • A diagnosis in organizational project management.

The earnings for the SGPI are numerous:

  • Identifying avenues for optimization and efficiency in the implementation of projects
  • Introducing the development of project governance, a project portfolio structure and a dashboard with indicators for project monitoring
  • Uniformity of project management practices
  • Better strategic project planning
  • Mastery of the project portfolio
  • Better project monitoring
  • Organizational efficiency in project management
  • Improved coordination between project and improved visibility on the status of projects through the implementation of the project office

In 2017, after a year of practice improvement work, GPBL Projectwise conducted a second diagnosis in organizational project management. The evolution of the SGPI wad remarkable! A follow-up to the recommendations issued in 2016 was also done to help the SGPI continue its momentum.

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