The City of Montreal is one of the largest building owners in Quebec, it maintains approximately 1500 buildings and almost 60 million square meters of land, and manages more than 300 buildings for rent. The Property Management and Planning Service (SGPI) is responsible for this management and must, among other things, fulfill its mission of providing the Deputy Director General of Institutional Services and the Municipal Administration with recommendations for optimal and integrated management. of the City’s real estate park.



In 2016, the SGPI mandated GPBL for support in its conceptualization of organizational project management.



Our mandate consisted first of all to carry out a diagnosis in organizational management of project and to propose recommendations for an improvement in project management. Second, it was to support the Service in setting up a strategic project office. Thirdly, our firm assisted the SGPI in the development of a methodology in project management, program and project portfolio.

  • Interviews with 12 people and filing of a report with 35 recommendations and an action plan for their implementation.
  • Establishment of three working committees:
    • A committee to set up a strategic project office;
    • A strategic committee to guide the project portfolio management methodology and develop a governance framework;
    • A project committee that worked in a workshop to define the project management methodology.


The approach with the SGPI has made it possible to evaluate how to manage the Service’s real estate projects through an analysis of the existing documentation and a diagnosis in organizational project management. We also evaluated existing project management processes, procedures, tools and templates. This work made it possible to find avenues of optimization and efficiency in the realization of the projects.

Through the working committees, GPBL assisted the client in initiating the development of project governance, a project portfolio structure and a dashboard with indicators for project monitoring. This approach promoted standardization of practices, better project monitoring, better project planning, hence GPBL’s support to senior management for strategic project planning and portfolio management, and organizational efficiency in management. project. Also, the implementation of the project office has made it possible to improve the coordination between the projects, and to have a better visibility on the state of the projects.

In 2017, GPBL conducted a second diagnosis in organizational project management to analyze the evolution of the SGPI after one year of improvement work. This diagnosis revealed the progress of the Project Planning Service and the follow-up of the recommendations issued in 2016 by GPBL.