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A team of more than 30 years in the field of project management.

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What we do

We support you in all your organizational transformation needs, no matter your size and industry

1. Diagnosis of maturity

Get a complete analysis of your maturity in project management as well as specific advice to improve it

4. Organizational project management

Optimize the performance of your portfolio with integrated management of your programs and projects.

2. Training adapted to your needs

Increase the performance of your teams with our courses “à la carte” or specialy designed for you

5. Implementation of a project office.

Equip your organization to make informed decisions and better manage your projects.

3. Setting up your organization

Have in hand all of your processes and business requirements, a necessary step before any implementation of a project management software


Understand the role of the Project control Officer (PCO) and learn how to use the tools during each phase of the project’s life cycle.

We are

RMC Learning Solutions Authorized Product Distributor
RMC Learning Solutions Authorized Training Provider

Why choose GPBL

GPBL is the ideal partner for your organizational transformation. Benoit Lalonde and his team of experts support you as much in your strategic thinking as in the performance of your project management. In addition, our ultra flexible training platform adapts easily to your specific needs.

GPBL’s team of project management professionals provides us with support and an effective framework that contributes to our success. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Émilie Sénéchal, M. Env., PMP Advisor – Project Control, Hydro-Québec
Our Team
Benoit Lalonde

Benoit Lalonde


An internationally renowned expert in the field of organizational transformation and last president of PMI-Montreal, Benoit uses his expertise to help organizations adapt to today’s unstable and demanding environment.

Jean-Noel Routhier
Vice-president, Project Management

Jean-Noël Routhier


With more than 20 years of experience in business management and training, Jean-Noël is a specialist in organizational performance and assists professionals in the development of their skills.

Virginie A.-Ghirotto
Project Management Advisor

Virginie Amyot-Ghirotto


With extensive experience in project, program and project portfolio management, and rewarded by the PMI-Montreal Relève Award, Virginie supports managers in their strategic thinking and the development of action plans and processes based on the needs and realities of organizations.

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Project Management Advisor

Audrey Dubois


With her strong experience in Team Management, her remarkable involvement in the KGP Contest and her incredible sense of rigor, Audrey is constantly surpassing herself and will use this strength to support GPBL consulting team in all their client projects. Audrey is always looking after people and wishes her career to gravitate towards strategic business alignment coaching.

Laurence Folco
Support Agent – Project management consulting

Laurence Folco

Laurence administratively supports the consulting team. Strong in process development, she ensures that project management consultants have everything they need to be effective in their mandates.

Ginette Guerin
Administrative Assistant, Customer Service

Ginette Guérin

Professional and oriented towards customer service and solid experience in organizational management, she will guide you, no matter what your question.

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30 years of experience in project management