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Every organization, from the smallest to the largest, has projects. Choosing the right projects to accomplish in the right order with the right tools and in the right way makes all the difference in achieving success.

Our mission, at GPBL ProjectWise, is to enable your organization to achieve its goals by helping it prioritize and implement its projects. To succeed, our expert team optimizes your practices and develops your teams’ skills in strategic project management.

We help you to “Think ProjectWise” to succeed



Custom support to take your project management to a strategic level.



Concrete solutions adapted to SMEs to get straight to the point.


Project Management Training

In-company training to deepen your knowledge and push for action.

Interventions that generate real results

Lack of team alignment, numerous and non-prioritized initiatives, projects that drag on… Do you feel that your organization sometimes treads water?

We have the skills and experience to truly accelerate the optimization and transformation of your organization.

At GPBL ProjectWise, we are…



Our knowledge is the core of our expertise, but we know that you need a customized support that leads to real changes! That’s why we focus on concrete tips and tools that are simple and can be easily integrated into your current practices.

Focused on your reality

Do you hate best practices that are not relevant to your reality? So do we! Our project management experts have the natural ability to adapt to all types of clients, assignments, and organizations. Our motto: adaptability and customization…


What are dispersed and unmotivated teams worth? Our interventions within large organizations are known to generate a strong involvement among the teams. Gather your resources around a common goal and see what they can do!

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