Managing project costs is a major challenge in an environment that is constantly booming. You will notice that it is very difficult to carry out a public or private project in accordance with the time and budget established. Regardless of the industry, many changes can occur along the way and the unavailability of resources may also justify exceeding the initial budget.

Our project cost management training will help you better manage your initial budget with proven methods and tools. A realistic estimate of project costs from the outset and effective control of the budget allocated to the project are the key to success. Learn how to effectively manage project costs for optimal performance.


Our training courses are eligible for the Programme actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi (PACME) of the Government of Quebec. You will be able to obtain a refund of 100% of the costs related to your training needs (up to a maximum of $ 100K), until September 30, 2020. Click here to find out more about the program.



Jean-Noël Routhier, MGP, PMP

As vice-president of GPBL Projectwise, Jean-Noël Routhier helps local companies optimize the cost management of their projects every day. Using concrete tools and examples, it enables project managers to achieve optimal use of resources and better control of project costs. The training courses on project cost management led by Jean-Noël are also recognized for exchanges between participants and hands-on workshops that further stimulate theoretical learning.


Claude Palmarini, PMP

With 25 years of experience as a team leader for renowned companies, Claude Palmarini enthusiastically shares his knowledge of project management. Her years in the field have allowed him to humanized project management by highlighting the interpersonal skills essential to her conduct. Claude’s training is particularly appreciated for their flexibility as well as their ability to adapt to the reality and expectations of the participants.


Acquire the skills needed to keep project costs under control

Know the most relevant financial indicators to make good use of them

Establish follow-up methods to effectively manage resource time and priorities


This training is aimed at professionals who manage small or medium-sized project costs in private companies, municipalities or public and parapublic institutions.


Project cost management training takes place at your offices or at the location of your choice (e.g., dedicated conference room).

Also available Online.


The training focuses on an educational program that implements the methodology and tools of work in project management.

  • Presentations about concepts of project redistricting, estimating, budgeting, timeline, cash-flow and technical value

  • Application of project management methodology in a project familiar to the participant

  • Application of theoretical concepts in workshops led by the trainer

  • Call for participants to contribute to sharing experiences in project cost management


Participants must bring a laptop to attend this training on project cost control. During the project cost management training, we provide each participant with a manual that includes:

Schematics of the trainer’s presentations

Project Cost Management Exercises


Sharing participants’ experiences in controlling actual project costs

Practical workshops on estimates, budgeting and acquired value

Follow-up offered by the trainer in managing the costs of your project (within one month of training)

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