Project Risk Management

3 Goals

Understand the concept of risk, the relevance of measuring its occurrence and impact, and its application in different areas and situations.

Understand the key techniques and key instruments of project risk management.

Be able to come up with strategies to educate management and the project team about the importance of integrating risk management.

Participant Target

Anyone with the responsibility to plan and lead projects of various complexity and scope.


2 days of training focused on the immediate implementation of the theory

  • Presentations on concepts, processes and tools

  • Applications of the proposed method using situations common to all participants

  • Teamwork and input of every participant

  • Feedback and supplements of the trainer

2 Benefits

A module focused on communication and crisis management.
A personalized support from the trainer during the month after the training to complete the Project planning.
Trainer: Jean-Noël Routhier

MGP, PMP, Vice-president, Project Management, GPBL ProjectWise