Advanced project management: get an integrated approach

3 Goals

Allow participants to develop a structured and integrated project management method.

Understand project management process groups: Initiation (start-up), planning, execution, closure.

Define a project: Describe the context, express and confirm its purpose and objectives.

Participant Target

Anyone who has the responsibility to plan and conduct projects of various complexity and scope and that involve multiple stakeholders.


4 days of training focused on the immediate implementation of the theory

  • Company personalized presentations introducing advanced concepts and concepts

  • Direct application of the Method on a reel project conducted by the participant

  • Teamwork and Input of every participant

  • Trainer’s support all the way through

2 Benefits

The integrated project management plan template is included.
A personalized support from the trainer during the month after the training to complete the Project planning.
Trainer: Jean-Noël Routhier

MGP, PMP, Vice-president, Project Management, GPBL ProjectWise